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Whitney Shoults
Whitney Shoults
Whitney Shoults | AllCare Chiropractic | Kansas City

Working Together

Leading up to your first visit:


Before your first visit, we ask all patients to complete health history so she can better understand your wants, needs and health goals. The more information, the better!


<link to NP forms>

Your First Visit:
On your first visit, Dr. Whitney will discuss what is going on with your health and what outcomes/goals going forward. She will deliver a chiropractic adjustment on your first visit as long as she feels that is in the best interest of the patient. Plan for 30 minutes for this visit.


Your Second Visit:
On your second visit, Dr. Shoults will give a brief history on what chiropractic is, go back over what the patient's expectations are, and again, will deliver a chiropractic adjustment. Plan for 30 minutes for this visit.

Ongoing Care:
After the first two visits, plan 15 minutes for each office visit. The perception is “once you go to the chiropractor, you always have to go” and that depends on your health goals and what you’d like to achieve. Because each person is so individual, it is hard to predict how many
visits one might need. Dr. Shoults does recommend, at a minimum, to receive a monthly visit to maintain proper nervous system flow, live pain-free, defy aging, and overall feel great. Every bodies’ needs are different.


New Patient Forms:


<NP forms here>

Dr. Shoults does value accessibility to healthcare. All forms of payment are accepted: debit/ credit, FSA/HSA, cash, or check. AllCare is not in-network with any insurances but can provide documentation to self-file for potential reimbursement. First visits and updated exams (not having care within a year) is $100 and every visit after that is $50.

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