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Whitney Shoults
Helping Others See Their Beauty Within
Whitney Shoults

Meet the Doctor;

Dr. Whitney Shoults has a ton of joy when it comes to educating people about their bodies. She uses an AllCare approach to find underlying disruptions within the nervous system allowing the body to work the way it is intended.


Dr. Shoults received both her BS degree in Human Biology and her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic in Kansas City. She is a local and played volleyball at Johnson County Community College and then did one extra year between her chiropractic education
and JCCC at Kansas State University.


Dr. Shoults loves working with all types of bodies. Whether it's the typical office worker, construction worker, stay-at-home parent, or more, she loves the healing touch she gives to each individual patient. The moment she walks into a room, she grounds the room and that effect can be felt throughout her treatments. Dr. Shoults is Webster certified and has over a decade of experience with pregnant patients.

When she’s not geeking out on health, you can find her at coffee shops, supporting a local restaurant, embracing everything this city has to offer, and having an overall enjoyment for life. It’s a vibe; she’s helping others find their beauty within.

Whitney Shoults

Our Philosophy

When the nervous system is not functioning optimally, due to chemical, physical, or emotional stressors, we feel tired, depleted, and on edge. Removing this interference, through a hands-on spinal adjustment, the body is able to recover faster from injuries, sleep is improved and overall wellbeing is had. Teaching people how their bodies function is one of the main passions of Dr. Shoults.

Our Services

Whitney Shoults

Chiropractic is all about regulating the nervous system via the spinal adjustment.  The nervous system is the master system and through an adjustment, this helps the body function better.  It can even decrease pain and headaches, improve sleep and immune system function and so much more.

Soft Tissue Modalities

Dr. Shoults is proficient in using Rocktape kinesiotape to help aid in recovery, speed healing and allow for better movement within the body.  Another soft tissue aid is an instrument-assisted soft tissue modality called Rockblade.  This instrument helps with myofascial adhesions and allows for better movement within the soft tissue.  

Meditative Practices

A passion of Dr. Shoults is teaching mindfulness.  Her philosophy is if there was more presence and mindfulness in the world, the world would be operating at a different capacity; a better one.  Hire her for corporate retreats to bring this peace into the work space.

Whitney Shoults

Located in
Kansas City's Midtown

Whitney Shoults, AllCare Chiropractic

Chiropractic Care for All



"I was fortunate to meet Dr. Whitney as my autoimmune disease was progressing. I was experiencing excruciating neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Whitney's ability to gently adjust my neck and body was a gift."

- Alisha
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